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Application Details

  • Description: PGI Community Edition
  • Version(s): 19.4 Realesed 2019
  • Module(s): PGI/19.4
  • Licence: PGI Community Edition release is licensed for one year from the date of release (2019)

Usage Examples

PGI Community Edition includes a no-cost license to a recent release of the PGI Fortran, C and C++ compilers and tools for multicore CPUs and NVIDIA Tesla GPUs, including all OpenACC, OpenMP and CUDA Fortran features. The PGI Community Edition enables development of performance-portable HPC applications with uniform source code across the most widely used parallel processors and systems.


Area Description
pgi/19.4 PGI community edition

Compiler Use


To invoke the compiler from the command line, first you need to load the module

[user@login01]$ module purge
[user@login01]$ module add pgi/18.4


The following are examples of how to compile programs using PGI.

C Compiler

-mp is not needed when compiling non openmp code

[user@login01]$ pgcc -o test -mp test.c
[user@login01]$ ./test

C++ Compiler

-mp is not needed when compiling non openmp code

[user@login01]$ pgc++ -o test -mp test.c
[user@login01]$ ./test

Fortran Compiler

[user@login01]$ pgfortran -o test -mp test.c
[user@login01]$ ./test

If -o [filname] is removed from any of the above compilation commands, the compiler will create an executable file (usually a.out) in the current directory.

Further Information