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Application Details

  • Description: The Xyce Parallel Electronic Simulator is a SPICE-compatible circuit simulator, developed internally at Sandia National Laboratories and externally funded.
  • Version: 6.5
  • Module: xyce/6.5
  • Licence: Free/Github Open source

Usage Examples

Xyce is designed to run on large-scale parallel computing platforms, though it also executes efficiently on a variety of architectures, including single processor workstations. As a mature platform for large-scale parallel circuit simulation, Xyce supports standard capabilities available from commercial simulators, in addition to a variety of devices and models specific to Sandia's needs.

Xyce is designed from the ground up to be distributed-memory parallel, supported by the message passing interface (MPI) standard. Although many of the issues pertinent to running in parallel are still being researched, Xyce is mature enough that some general principles have emerged for efficiently running problems in a parallel environment. Parallel simulations must be run from SLURM.

In general, there are three modes in which Xyce can be executed:

  • Serial load, serial solve
  • Parallel load, serial solve
  • Parallel load, parallel solve

Further Information

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