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In some cases it is very useful to map Viper's home directory to a window's network drive, rather than transferring data to and from over a SFTP (Secure FTP or encrypted) connection. There are a number of ways to do this, the one described here is SFTP Net Drive. This can be downloaded from the following website:

Installing and configuration

After installation, the application cab be connected to Viper (within the university campus) then:


  • Profile give it a relevant name
  • Server enter
  • Username enter your user ID (e.g. 543543)
  • Authentication should be set to Password
  • Password enter your password on
  • Key can be lefty blank which will then be stored upon the first connection
  • Drive Letter can be left at Last Available

Click on Connect, advanced setting can be left as default.

Upon successful connection your viper home directory should be appear as a window's drive, as below:



  • Underneath it is still a secure FTP (SFTP) connection and so read and write speeds are limited by the connection it. Typically on the local network this is around 8 Mb/s read and 5 Mb/s write cycles on a continuous file.