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Application Details

  • Description: Delft3D is a world leading 3D modeling suite to investigate hydrodynamics, sediment transport and morphology and water quality for fluvial, estuarine and coastal environments.
  • Versions: Tag 6686 (retrieved from subversion on 2016-11-20)
  • Module names: delft3d/intel/6686
  • License: GPLv3 though you must be registered to be able to download the source code and participate in forums

Usage Examples

Batch Submission

#SBATCH -J delft3d_name
#SBATCH -n 32
#SBATCH -o %N-%j.log
#SBATCH -e %N-%j.err
#SBATCH -p compute

module add delft3d/intel/6686

mpirun d_hydro.exe config_d_hydro.xml
[username@login01 ~]$ sbatch delft3d.job
Submitted batch job 289555

Further Information