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Application Details

  • Description: Fiji is an image processing package—a "batteries-included" distribution of ImageJ, bundling a lot of plugins which facilitate scientific image analysis.
  • Version: ImageJ and 2017-03-15
  • Modules: fiji/2017-03-15 and fiji/imagej
  • Licence: Open source (Github)

Usage Examples

Fiji is an open source image processing program for multidimensional image data with a focus on scientific imaging.

It is a user interface with functions to load, display, and save images. It can be used for image processing, co-localization, deconvolution, registration, segmentation, tracking, visualization and much more. It extends the functionality of ImageJ.

[username@login01 ~]$ module add fiji/2017-03-2015
[username@login01 ~]$ fiji
[username@login01 ~]$ module add fiji/imagej
[username@login01 ~]$ fiji

Further Information