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Application Details

  • Description: Likwid is a simple to install and use tool suite of command line applications for performance oriented programmers
  • Version: 4.0.1
  • Modules: likwid/4.0.1
  • Licence: Open source (Github)

Usage Examples

Likwid is a simple to install and use toolsuite of command line applications for performance oriented programmers. It works for Intel and AMD processors on the Linux operating system.

It consists of:

  • likwid-topology: print thread, cache and NUMA topology
  • likwid-perfctr: configure and read out hardware performance counters on Intel and AMD processors
  • likwid-powermeter: read out RAPL Energy information and get info about Turbo mode steps
  • likwid-pin: pin your threaded application (pthread, Intel and gcc OpenMP to dedicated processors)
  • likwid-bench: Micro benchmarking platform
  • likwid-features: Print and manipulate cpu features like hardware prefetchers
  • likwid-genTopoCfg: Dumps topology information to a file
  • likwid-mpirun: Wrapper to start MPI and Hybrid MPI/OpenMP applications (Supports Intel MPI, OpenMPI and MPICH)
  • likwid-perfscope: Frontend to the timeline mode of likwid-perfctr, plots live graphs of performance metrics using gnuplot
  • likwid-agent: Monitoring agent for hardware performance counters
  • likwid-memsweeper: Sweep memory of NUMA domains and evict cachelines from the last level cache
  • likwid-setFrequencies: Tool to control the CPU frequency

[username@login01 ~]$ module add likwid/4.0.1

Further Information