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Application Details

  • Description: MIKE
  • Version: 2017
  • Modules: Private module available on request to appropriate license holders
  • Licence: Limited license (The Energy and Environment Institute)

Usage Examples

Batch Session

#SBATCH --ntasks-per-node=28
#SBATCH -o %j.log
#SBATCH -e %j.err
#SBATCH -p compute
#SBATCH --time=0-06:00:00

module add use.own
module add MIKE/2017


echo $NP "processes"

mpirun -n $NP FemEngineHD model.m21fm

Note the sample job above includes a 6 hour time limit.

[user@login01 ~]$ sbatch MIKE.job
Submitted batch job 1209671

Scaling Tests

It is useful to carry out scaling tests when running MIKE so that appropriate resource is requested to run a job. While requesting fewer nodes will mean the longer the job will run for, it is more likely that a job will start sooner the fewer nodes it requests. The sample job script above requests 16 nodes (448 cores).

The table below shows runtimes for a test job over different numbers of nodes. For this example, the 3 minutes gained using 32 nodes over 16 nodes, provides little benefit and other users would be better having access to the 16 additional nodes. With contention for resource on Viper high, requesting 8 nodes would be a good compromise.

It is useful to carry out scaling tests with any significant change in job type.

Nodes Cores Runtime (Mins:Secs)
1 28 520:02
2 56 258:07
4 112 116:27
8 224 70:47
16 448 52:41
32 896 49:14

Further Information