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HPC User Drop-in Sessions

  • Date Wednesdays, 09:30-10:30 am
  • Location: MS Teams

The HPC User drop-in sessions are for anyone with questions about Viper. Support team members will be available to provide advice and assistance on issues, HPC workflows or software development tasks.

At around 10 am, a general meeting should be open, which you can join. The Team is accessible to anyone within the University, so if you have colleagues who aren’t Viper users but wish to learn more about Viper and how it may help their work, please feel free to share this opportunity to learn more about Viper.

To attend the drop-in you will need to join the “ISD Viper HPC Users” team. In MS Teams, in the Teams tab on the top right is “Join or create team” button, from here either:

  • In the “Join a team with a code” box enter k6gzwcc or
  • Use the “Search teams” and search for ISD and you should see a team called ISD Viper HPC Users

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