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Where to find the tutorial videos

We have created a number of tutorial videos. These short videos can be found either via MS Teams or MS Stream:

  • In MS Teams, in the Teams tab on the top right is “Join or create team” button, from here either 1) In the “Join a team with a code” box enter k6gzwcc or use the “Search teams” and search for ISD and you should see a team called “ISD Viper HPC Users”. The tutorial videos can then be found under the "Tutorial Videos" tab on the main Teams screen.
  • Alternatively the tutorial videos can be found on the Viper HPC Users Teams channel at HPC Tutorial Videos

What do the tutorial videos cover?

These videos cover:

  • An introduction to HPC
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Command Line
  • Linux Tips
  • Data on Viper
  • An introduction to HPC
  • Introduction to Slurm
  • Using Modules
  • Creating Batch Scripts
  • Using R on Viper
  • Using Python Virtual Environments
  • Using Matlab on Viper

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