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Where to find the tutorial videos

We have created a number of tutorial videos. These short videos can be found either via MS Teams or MS Stream:

  • In MS Teams, in the Teams tab on the top right is “Join or create team” button, from here either 1) In the “Join a team with a code” box enter k6gzwcc or use the “Search teams” and search for ISD and you should see a team called “ISD Viper HPC Users”. The tutorial videos can then be found under the "Tutorial Videos" tab on the main Teams screen.

What do the tutorial videos cover?

These videos cover:

  • An introduction to HPC
  • Linux Fundamentals
  • Linux Command Line
  • Linux Tips
  • Data on Viper
  • An introduction to HPC
  • Introduction to Slurm
  • Using Modules
  • Creating Batch Scripts
  • Using R on Viper
  • Using Python Virtual Environments
  • Using Matlab on Viper

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