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X2Go enables remote access to Viper's Visualisation Nodes. There are two main ways to use X2Go either as an xterm terminal or MATE Desktop .Currently only X2Go is only available on .


Icon warning.png Please note before installing X2go you must install XQuartz for more information on XQuartz visit: XQuartz
Icon warning.png Please note if you are using X2go off campus you must be connected to the university VPN.

1. Download X2Go from: X2Go

2. Click the X2Go disk image located in the downloads folder

3. Click the mounted X2Go image on the desktop

4. Click and drag the x2goclient to the applications folder X2goapp drag.png

Icon warning.png Please note if installation is halted you will need to perform the steps listed at: Apple Support

5. Open X2Go Client When launched for the first time the new session dialogue will be displayed automatically

6. In the "Session" tab:

  1. In "Session name:" enter
  2. In "Host:" enter
  3. In "Login:" enter your username
  4. In the Session type choose either xterm of MATE

X2go session.png 7. In the "Connection" tab

  1. When connecting from a university connection, set connection speed to LAN for best performance
  2. When connecting from outside the university ADSL should be adequate

X2go connection.png 8. In the "Media" tab

  1. Uncheck the "Enable sound support" box
  2. Uncheck the "Client side printing support" box

X2go media.png 9. Click "Ok", then click on the session you wish to start and enter your university password.

10. A pop-up will appear stating the server is unknown click "yes".

X2go unknown server.png 11. Depending on your session type a either a xterm terminal or MATE desktop will appear X2go desktop.png

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