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Application Details

  • Description: A suite of data structures and routines for the scalable (parallel) solution of scientific applications modelled by partial differential equations. It supports MPI, and GPUs through CUDA or OpenCL, as well as hybrid MPI-GPU parallelism.
  • Version: 3.7 and 3.7.5
  • Module: petsc/3.7 and petsc/3.7.5
  • Licence: GNU

Usage Areas

PETSc includes a large suite of parallel linear, non-linear equation solvers, some usage areas are shown below:

  • Parallel vectors includes code for communicating ghost points
  • Parallel matrices, several sparse storage formats easy, efficient assembly
  • Scalable parallel pre-conditioners
  • Krylov subspace methods
  • Parallel Newton-based non-linear solvers
  • Parallel time-stepping (ODE) solvers
  • Support for Nvidia GPU cards


[username@login01 ~]$ module add petsc/3.7.5

Further Information