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General Support

Click on the links below for general support:

Topic Description
What is Viper What is Viper?
What does Viper look like? What does Viper look like?
Batch Jobs Viper batch jobs guide
Interactive Sessions Viper Interactive session guide
Modules Application module guide.
Slurm Slurm how-to
Visualisation Nodes Guide to using Viper's visualisation nodes
Data Backup Data backup for user accounts
Windows Net Drive Connecting Viper's filestore as a Windows drive
Running a jupyter notebook Instructions on running a jupyter notebook on a computing node


Training Area Description
Tutorial Videos HPC Tutorial Videos from Linux to HPC
Getting Connected Learn how to connect to Viper
XQuartz - macOS X11 Learn how to enable X11 window support on macOS
X2Go - macOS Learn how to install X2Go on macOS for use with Viper's Visualisation Nodes
Transferring Data Learn how to download and upload data.
Linux command line Learn the Linux command line with this extensive guide.
Linux vi editor Learn the Linux editor vi for editing files
Linux nano editor Learn the Linux editor nano for editing files
Parallel computing in Matlab Learn about Matlab parallel toolbox that speeds up your calculations on Viper.
Scaling programs on HPC Learn about the issues of scaling programs up on HPC.