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Application Details

  • Description: OpenUH is an Open64 based open source OpenACC compiler supporting C and FORTRAN, developed by HPCTools group from University of Houston.
  • Version: 3.1.0
  • Module: openuh/3.1.0
  • Licence: Github, open source


Important: This is a module installed to allow testing of the GPU Nodes, if you need this as a production module contact the Viper Team at

Language highlights

  • C compatible with gcc
  • C++ compatible g++
  • Fortran90 with Fortran95 extensions

Compiler Optimizations

At the -O2 and -O3 optimization levels the compilers will use the IA-64 software pipelining instructions. At the -O3 level a more powerful data dependence analysis will be performed.

Scalar Optimizations

A partial list of optimizations performed include:

  • Code motion
  • Constant propagation
  • Dead code elimination
  • Expression simplification
  • Common subexpression elimination
  • Strength reduction


[username@login01 ~]$ module add openuh/3.1.0

Further Information

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