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Application Details

  • Description: R is an open-source programming language and software environment for statistical computing & graphics
  • Version: 3.3.0, 3.4.1, 3.5.1, 4.0.2 and 4.2.2
  • Modules: R/3.3.0,R/3.4.1, R/3.5.1, R/4.0.2 and R/4.2.2
  • Licence: GNU


R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics. It is a GNU project which is similar to the S language and environment which was developed at Bell Laboratories (formerly AT&T, now Lucent Technologies) by John Chambers and colleagues. R can be considered as a different implementation of S. There are some important differences, but much code written for S runs unaltered under R.

R provides a wide variety of statistical (linear and non-linear modelling, classical statistical tests, time-series analysis, classification, clustering, …) and graphical techniques, and is highly extensible. The S language is often the vehicle of choice for research in statistical methodology, and R provides an Open Source route to participation in that activity.

One of R’s strengths is the ease with which well-designed publication-quality plots can be produced, including mathematical symbols and formulae where needed. Great care has been taken over the defaults for the minor design choices in graphics, but the user retains full control.

Usage Examples

Note: Use version 3.4.1, version 3.3.0 will be deprecated in the future.


Note: R supports interactive mode (as below, don't run this on the login node and execution mode running as an interpreted script.

[username@login01 ~]$ interactive
salloc: Granted job allocation 402968
Job ID 4029681 connecting to c059, please wait...
Last login: Wed Jul 12 16:23:48 2020 from
[username@c059 ~]$ module add R/4.2.2
[username@c059~]$ R

Install an R package

[pysdlb@login01 ~]$ interactive
salloc: Granted job allocation 3039458
Job ID 3039458 connecting to c120, please wait...
[pysdlb@c120 ~]$ module load R/4.2.2
[pysdlb@c037 ~]$ R

R version 4.2.2 (2022-10-31) -- "Innocent and Trusting"
Copyright (C) 2022 The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
Platform: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (64-bit)

R is free software and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.
You are welcome to redistribute it under certain conditions.
Type 'license()' or 'licence()' for distribution details.

R is a collaborative project with many contributors.
Type 'contributors()' for more information and
'citation()' on how to cite R or R packages in publications.

Type 'demo()' for some demos, 'help()' for on-line help, or
'help.start()' for an HTML browser interface to help.
Type 'q()' to quit R.

[Previously saved workspace restored]

> install.packages('some package')

Batch Submission

#SBATCH -J My_R_job              # Job name, you can change it to whatever you want
#SBATCH -N 1                # Number of nodes 
#SBATCH -o %N.%j.out        # Standard output will be written here
#SBATCH -e %N.%j.err        # Standard error will be written here
#SBATCH -p compute          # Slurm partition, where you want the job to be queued 
#SBATCH --exclusive            # run on one node without any other users
#SBATCH --mem=64G       # reserve 64Gbytes of RAM for my job (optional)
module purge
module add R/4.2.2
[username@login01 ~]$ sbatch Rtest.job
Submitted batch job 28952211

Note: the output from the R interpreter will appear in the file output data is stated.

Further Information

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